Triptika Studios is a collective of freelance filmmakers, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs with interest in psychedelics. We belong to the psychedelic movement, and we come together to create a unique and in-depth portrayal of the psychedelic renaissance.

Anya Oleksiuk – Director/Producer/DOP/Editor

anya rainbow.png

Love of documentary films and music videos led Anya to study MA Documentary and Experimental Filmmaking. After completing her masters, she joined the End-Of-Life Care charity, Marie Curie, running their video department. She set off as a freelancer in 2016 and specialised in not-for-profit videos, music videos and documentaries. In 2017 she founded Triptika Studios, which is a collective of independent filmmakers with interests in health, science, innovative solutions, mental health, drug advocacy, social and racial justice and environment-friendly lifestyles. Anya aims for Triptika Studios to work on projects oriented towards social change and improving human wellbeing. She is also a Co-Director of the Psychedelic Society UK, leading on video production and campaigning for the decriminalisation of psychedelic plants and mushrooms.

Haya Huasca – Co-Producer

haya rainbowHaya is an enthusiastic advocate of psychedelic literacy who intends to help catalyse the psychedelic movement globally. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and wrote a senior thesis titled “Ask Your Doctor If Psychedelics Are Right For You: A Closer Look At The Clinical Uses Of Psychedelics.” Since obtaining her degree in psychology, she has branched out to work in different fields ranging from NGOs to film sets. She was formerly involved with community development at The Third Wave and is an active member of the French Psychedelic Society. In the future, Haya has plans to pursue a masters in clinical psychology to develop the skills needed in providing psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Mareesa Stertz – Co-director


Creator of the Seeing Machine, Mareesa Stertz, is a Director, Producer who has worked in the industry for over 13 years. She’s the creator/director/producer of a documentary series about healing for mental health that’s screened on GAIA TV. Her work focuses on redesigning of systems, discovering innovative solutions, and celebrating of the human condition. Mareesa’s work has been featured by Viceland, GAIA TV, CBS, IFC, SPIN, INDIE NATION, 60SecDocs and has been shown in numerous film festivals around the world. Clients include Gaia, Participant Media, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, TEDX, Nylon, Ableton Live, New York Film Academy, and more.

Ana Sabolić – Director of Photography

ana rainbowAna Sabolić is a visual artist and filmmaker working in the field of independent film production and contemporary visual art. She graduated with an MA in Art in 2015 focused on graphics and video art. Interested in psychogeography, Ana explores problematics through moving image and art workshops. Many of her workshops where founded and supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and shown as solo exhibitions in galleries. It is an on-going project about exploring the identity of space and effects of the geographical environment on the emotions and behaviour of individuals. In the context of film and video production, she works on experimental and documentary projects which often go beyond the boundaries of the traditional state of a movie in cinemas and integrates into modern gallery spaces. Currently, she is an MA Film Production student at London School of Film, Media, and Design at the University of West London focused mostly on the experimental and documentary film. She is working as a freelance Art Director and Editor and is a Co-director of Triptika Studios.

Mercedes CA Grant – Associate Producer/Consultant

mercedesMercedes is a healer, activist, writer, Witch and community organiser. She is dedicated to creating dynamic, inclusive, healing, and educational spaces that encourage people to engage in paradigm-shifting dialogue while building safer, compassionate and supportive communities both online and in-real-life. She holds 500+ hours in traditional yogic education, with a focus on substance abuse recovery and trauma recovery through a justice-informed lens, producing educational programs for wellness professionals from around the world. With over a decade of combined education and experience in documentary film production, public relations, communications and crowdfunding strategy, she has collaborated with social entrepreneurs and organisations including MAPS Canada, Extinction Rebellion, Beyond Addiction: The Yogic Path to Recovery, the award-winning documentary feature, Fractured Land. She is currently on the steering committee of the 2020 Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum in unceded, ancestral territories of the Coast Salish people in so-called British Columbia, Canada, as well as holding space in her community for exploring Deep Adaptation in the face of climate and ecological collapse.

Marta Kaczmarczyk – Associate Producer/Consultant

Marta rainbow.pngMarta has graduated from MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences at University College London and Post-Msc (PDEng) in User System Interaction at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). She is an expert in persuasive science and technology. She had researched this topic in the medical and well-being field for two years during her Post-MSc course and during her work as a UX researcher at the TU/e. She is a co-founder and a coordinator of Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands (PSN); a non-profit organisation focused on advocating safe use of psychedelic substances. She has trained and worked as a carer/sitter for the psychedelic emergency during psychedelic festivals. At the moment she is working with the PSN on preparing safety guidelines for participants of retreats and ceremonies taking place in the Netherlands. She is interested in demystifying the psychedelic experience and creating a scientific framework that would be more accessible to the Western mind and more relevant than the shamanic or new-age framework, which is popular in the psychedelic community.

Stefano Sgarbi – Music Composer

stefano rainbowStefano is a musician, sound designer and workshop leader based in the Netherlands. His interests, starting from a general attraction to art and particularly music, grew specifically towards electronic music and sound therapy. He studied electroacoustic composition at the Institute of Sonology (Royal Conservatoire of The Hague) in a prolific and inspiring artistic environment. His artistic practice is now oriented towards festival/club and healing/spiritual settings. As a sound therapist and workshop leader, he has been developing Playing The Voice: a therapeutic and meditative method for a guided and mindful use of the voice and the body. This interest is rooted in a personal journey of discoveries and studies of spiritual practises, particularly alternative singing techniques (e.g. overtone/throat singing), didjeridoo, yoga and tai-chi.