We are Triptika Film and we are a collective of freelance filmmakers, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs with an interest in psychedelics. We belong to the psychedelic movement and we come together to create a unique and in-depth portrayal of the psychedelic renaissance.

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We are producing a documentary feature about the worldwide re-emergence of the psychedelic movement and the crucial role of psychedelic substances in human culture from prehistory to modern times. With so many people suffering from conditions that could be improved by psychedelic medicines, the documentary sets out to present the argument that science and medicine would benefit from the incorporation of psychedelics and that these substances need to be researched as potential developments for clinical practice. We do not intend to show psychedelics as magical cures but present an unbiased view.

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So far, we have raised nearly £6K from the crowdfunding campaign and other donations, with a further £5K coming from personal funds to pay for the production. Total estimated production budget is approximately £40-55K. We need your help to raise this money so please make a donation to support this project.

You can donate via paypal

or gofundme.com/the-psychedelic-renaissance-documentary

The money will be allocated to production costs, crew and equipment, traveling and accommodation and post-production costs. Detailed budget sheet available upon the request.

In the last 12 months we have been researching the topic, meeting people and filming fascinating interviews around Europe. The enthusiasm for the movie has been universally shared with all that we have met so far, and the network of supporters of the project has been steadily growing. Many scientists and psychonauts from all over the world are approaching us to contribute to our story. We have been in the community for a long time and will show you the topic from the center of the movement so you that you receive its in-depth representation.

Free Distribution and multi-platform life

To maximize exposure the film will be available online for free and will be promoted by our associated organizations such as The Psychedelic Society, MAPS, The Beckley Foundations, as well as other institutions and associated brands with interest in psychedelics. The film will be also available to not-for-profit organizations for free screenings. We aim to spread the knowledge. For free.

The Impact

The documentary sets out to change common misconceptions and to lift the stigma around the use of psychedelic substances. With around a fifth of adults in the UK experiencing anxiety or depression and millions suffering ill mental health in the United States, the call to reschedule psychedelics as medicines is louder than ever. The documentary aims to present the argument that science and medicine would benefit from the incorporation of psychedelics and that these substances need to be deployed in clinical practices immediately. We do not intend to show psychedelics as magical cures but present an unbiased view.

We hope the evidence provided in the documentary will significantly change the public opinion on psychedelics. In turn this shift in public opinion should put pressure on governments to adjust outdated drug laws and to open their minds to the idea of psychedelics for therapeutic use.

We have known of the therapeutic qualities of psychedelics since the studies conducted in the 1950’s. Already in 1951, Ronald Sandison wrote that LSD gives increased access to repressed experiences, opening childhood memories and allowing patients to explore traumatic events of their past and providing associated emotional release. Today we have tools in contemporary brain science that give us an opportunity to revisit those studies of the 1950’s and 1960’s with new eyes and research the potential for curing the 21st-century epidemic of mental suffering.


We invite broad spectrum of people involved in psychedelics – scientists, doctors, researchers, authors, healers as well as users, activists and psychedelic artists – to bring better understanding of those controversial substances.

  • Dr Ben Sessa (Bristol University)
  • Amanda Feidling (The Beckley Foundation)
  • Dennis McKenna (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Natalie Ginsberg (MAPS)
  • Ismail Ali (MAPS)
  • Nikki Wyrd (Breaking Convention, Psychedelic Press)
  • Arno Adelaars (Author)
  • Darren Springer (Mycologyst)
  • Julian Vayne (Psychedelic Press, Breaking Convention)
  • Jose Montemayor (Virtual Awakening)
  • Carl H. Smith (Ravensbourne University, Virtual Awakening)
  • Stephen Reid (The Psychedelic Society)
  • Eva Cesarova (The Psychedelic Society of Czech Republic)
  • Vincent Veroust (The Psychedelic Society of France)
  • Camille Barton (Artist)
  • The Seed Sistas (Sensory Solutions)
  • Ros Watts (Imperial College)
  • Chris Timmerman (Imperial College)
  • and more

Partner organizations

We are lucky to work with and be supported by many organizations, groups and brands such as: