Message to all our friends

Dear Friends & Fellow Psychonauts,

How are you? Given the global health crisis that is causing deep stress for so many of us right now, we wanted to check-in and offer our virtual support and love across the wavelengths. We hope that you are all safe – social distancing and cared for, and that this pivotal and distressing time offers the opportunity to slow down, rest and turn inwards. We understand that not everyone has the privilege of a safe space or the ability to leave their jobs, and we call on our communities to consider what resources, both energetically and materially, that they can offer to those who need it most.

We are learning to hold space for the multiple realities present at this time: one of great suffering, death, confusion, loss and fear and another that invites us to adapt to the rapidly shifting world around us – to envision what could be possible, beyond the virus. As the world shuts-down and folks are staying indoors, this reduction in human activity has led to an undeniable increase in the Earth’s ability to heal. We know that building relationships with psychedelic plant medicines and substances can open us to the possibility of multiple planes of existence, allowing us to heal ourselves and prioritize the well-being of our Earth home and each other. This is a perilous, wondrous and challenging moment in history that calls on all of us to reflect on how truly interconnected we are with all living beings.

We know that many folks are struggling financially to support themselves and care for their loved ones right now, so we’re easing off on promoting our current crowdfunding campaign and pivoting to prioritize content that can support the well-being of our communities.

Please feel free to send us any applicable resources that you are aware of or can offer, including virtual healing circles, virtual psychedelic integration circles, guided meditations, healing music and any articles that offer support for folks in the psychedelic space, and we will share them here.

We’re honoured to be navigating this challenging time and space with you all, as we stay present to the health and well-being of each other, and this beautiful planet we call home.

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